Over Thirty Years Managing Careers in the Performing Arts

. Natalie Hinderas circa 1974

Rile Artists Management was formed in the ’70’s by Joanne Rile with a small roster of artists and a serious commitment to quality and diversity in the performing arts. Our first advertisement in the Musical America directory listed only three artists, headed by the African American pianist Natalie Hinderas who had won international competitions but whose career had not advanced as it should have. Later, Ms. Hinderas under Rile Management performed with virtually every major orchestra in the United States until her untimely death in 1987. We at Joanne Rile Management have passed our thirtieth anniversary in this adventure we call artists management. And, in those years, we have grown in our knowledge and in our determination to strive always for excellence: excellence in our roster of artists whom we greatly admire; excellence in our management services for our artists and our booking procedures and servicing of contracts.

When an artist from Rile Management is invited to perform in a venue, the presenter or promoter works closely with Joanne Rile or one of our knowledgeable booking representatives. Our contracting coordinator is available to help with questions about the contract as well as the technical requirements; publications and publicity are available to aid with promotional materials which will be sent in a timely way. And we are always interested in helping arrange media interviews and appearances. Our tour coordinator will be there to coordinate all the concert details to insure smooth and seamless concert arrangements.

And, if residencies are as important to you as they are to us, we will work to make our artists’ visit in each community memorable. Our first residency was designed and implemented in our inaugural year and we maintain a strong commitment to these community visits by our gifted artists. Each residency is tailored to the artist’s unique talents and the unique community which they visit. Some residencies have been so successful, they are repeated often by presenters.

Please feel free to address your questions including availability, fees, programs, repertoire to us. Or just send us your comments or questions. We are always glad to hear from you.