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Laura Kaminsky, Composer
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Discography as Composer

Twilight Settings. Christine Schadeberg, soprano; Musicians Accord (Mode: 23, 1990)

And Trouble Came: An African AIDS Diary. Mark Lamos, speaker; Fidelio Trio (CRI: 729, 1996)
Triftmusik. Sara Laimon, piano (CRI: 864, 2000)

Discography as Producer

Chamber Music with Voice (and a little Jazz…) (Mode: 23, 1990)

Berio: The Great Works for Voice. (Mode: 48, 1995)

Transience: Music by Joel Feigin. (North/South: 1011, 1996)

And Trouble Came: Musical Responses to AIDS. (CRI: 729, 1996)

An Eye-Sky Symphony: The Music of Robert Savage. (CRI: 790, 1998)

Mosaic: Chamber Music of Henry Cowell. (Mode: 72-73, 1999)

Hallelujah Games: Music by Amy Rubin. (Mode: 79, 1999)

Sara Laimon Performs Piano Music of Copland and Ives. (Mode: 93, 2000)

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