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Carolyn Dorfman Dance Co.

Echad – The Quintet
Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company’s performance at The Duke on 42nd Street, February 2005.
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Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company Photo 2 Our Mission
The Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company embodies the vision and philosophy of choreographer Carelyn Dorfman, which is to create, produce and perform works that translate the human experience into dance. Through the language of dance, CDDC’s work celebrates the human journey; it recognizes and honors both the commonality and the uniqueness of the human story and builds a connection between the art, the artists and the audience. Through innovative contemporary dance performance and educational programming, CDDC expands the understanding of dance as a dynamic and expressive art form that both engages and builds community.

Our Vision
CDDC will be a highly sought after national and international touring company recognized for its exceptional repertory and artists, for its unique methods of creating and presenting work, and for its relationships with and programming for communities.

CDDC will create world-renowned works that speak to contemporary issues and that tell individual stories revealing common humanness. This work will demand highly skilled dancers who are extraordinary human beings who bring passion and compassion to the work.

CDDC will collaborate with nationally and internationally renowned artists to create work that crosses cultures and arts disciplines, breaking down barriers of all kinds while bringing CDDC to communities across the U.S. and the around the globe.

CDDC will be a company lauded for work that explores Dorfman’s Jewish Legacy, yet, through performance and programming, celebrates our common humanness and builds bridges within and between communities. As dance is a metaphor for life, so CDDC’s work will open dialogues, build understanding and build community.

CDDC will set the standard for connecting to the community by creating meaningful audience-artist interaction. With its accessible programming, CDDC will create opportunities to expand its already hailed arts education programs, youth development programs and community appreciation for the arts at very deep levels.

CDDC will always be an organization that embodies humanness in its art and practice; a place where artists, staff, board and supporters are valued and respected and where each can grow, take risks and reach their greatest potential. CDDC will be known as a company that supports its artists and staff at the highest level including tangible items such as exceptional salaries, benefits(health insurance, paid vacation, pension plans, career opportunities and assistance with career transitions) as well as a working environment in which each person is respected and valued and grows as artist, human being and one who exists in relation to others within CDDC and beyond.