Elisa Monte Dance Company

Elisa Monte Dance Company
Elisa Monte Dance Company Photo 1ELISA MONTE DANCE, founded in 1981, bridges cultural barriers through the universal language of dance. From its earliest recognition on the world stage in 1982 as “best company” at the International Dance Festival of Paris, the company has succeeded for three decades. The work of Elisa Monte, a former principal dancer with Martha Graham Dance Company and Pilobolus, is widely recognized for its highly athletic and sensual style, as well as its technical and physical acuity, exploring a multitude of topics and themes.

The company has performed in over 40 nations including Singapore, Italy, Russia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia and throughout the United States. Elisa Monte Dance has appeared in major dance festivals worldwide including Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave, Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors, Steps ’98 Switzerland, Weimar 1999 Cultural Capital activities and both US and Italy’s Spoleto Festivals. Elisa Monte Dance has been featured on television networks through Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, and the company was highlighted on PBS Metro Ads Channel 13 as part of the station’s Dance Month, celebrating accomplished New York City-based choreographers. Louisiana Public Broadcasting has produced a documentary about the company and its recent work, Zydeco, Zaré, about Zydeco culture. Elisa Monte Dance celebrates diversify through the work, its artists and staff.

Elisa Monte Dance Company, Zydeco

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