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Elisa Monte Dance Company Photo 3ARTS EDUCATION is an important part of each artist’s job. Over the years Elisa Monte Dance has taken a practical and integral approach to this duty, regularly teaching workshops and master classes, as well as conducting lecture demonstrations and open rehearsals. These and other educational activities specifically tailored to the institution and the broader community being served are offered in conjunction with company performances at  venues throughout the United States and the world. Elisa Monte Dance also conducts extended residencies, often in tandem with the creation of new work, a restaging or rehearsal of an existing piece which provide in-depth focus on dance creation, preparation and performance. Residency activities are geared to every level of dancer and student, from community non-dancers and novices to advanced-level students.

The current outreach programs include Elisa Monte’s Creative Youth Program, taught in public schools throughout the United States students are helped by EMD company members to create their own movement phrases through short tutorials. Public Urban Outreach 2006- The Tag School, TAG students were treated to a private showing of the Company’s upcoming season and had a private Q&A session with the dancers after a Joyce performance. Elisa Monte’s Cultural Immersion, allowed students from all over Italy to work as company members for a month then culminated in a joint public performance of students and the Company. EMD’s latest project is the Junior Masters Program, which combines age-appropriate lessons in numerous dance techniques with hands-on tutorials in choreography and culminates in a final presentation by students of their student-created ensemble pieces.

Elisa Monte Dance’s educational and outreach programs offer youth the opportunity to learn with seasoned professionals and engage in a constructive creative outlet. Our unique curriculum not only serves as an educational tool, but also allows our teachers to act as positive role models for children, as well as provide life experience designed to instill poise, discipline, and self confidence. Elisa Monte Dance will be able to provide a medium in which youth work together through artistic means. Monte and company members perform various aspects of each residency activity. The vast and diverse cultural backgrounds and experience represented in the company offer students a unique and varied perspective on how differing styles and cultures can be beautifully blended to create a cohesive troupe and powerful performances.

Elisa Monte Dance offers full evening performances filled with a number of repertory pieces. These full evening performances provide the paramount way to view the Elisa Monte Dance experience. We have an active repertoire per season in which we can work with you in selecting dances from our current collection that will best suit your audience.

Open Rehearsals
Ideal for younger students and schools. In these shows, we work with you on customizing a dance showcase to fit the limited time allotted.

Lecture Demonstrations
These informational sessions are well suited for students of the arts and colleges. One or two dances will be presented with an open discussion following each piece.

Our Repertory
Selected works from Elisa Monte’s repertoire are set on students by Elisa, her Associate Artistic Director, or by one of the company’s dancers. In addition to learning the repertoire piece, students take technique classes to introduce them to movement concepts in the work and to help them develop their mastery of dance technique. They also receive coaching on performance skills and experience in the process of learning and staging dance works for professional performance.

Master Classes and Workshops
A master class is presented to offer dance students and general education students an opportunity to experience Elisa  Monte’s work. Taught by select members of the company, the master class aims to introduce students to the Elisa Monte style of dance as well as representative Monte repertory in order for participants to encounter signature movements that have been studied and performed by some of the most amazing dancers and companies in the world. Each class can be attended by up to 30 persons and usually lasts between one hour and an hour and a half.

General Education Workshop
Elisa Monte Dance understands that reaching the general population through dance is not always easy since the experience  must be participatory. To help with this process this workshop highlights the athleticism of dance. When possible, the  company will send a promotional video that is used to introduce the students to the company. This video includes an interview with Elisa Monte and excerpts of pieces currently in our repertoire. Our dancers will begin a dialogue with the students  introducing themselves and how they began dancing. Company members will then lead class, starting with simple stretching  exercises, then moving on to mirroring and negative space exercises. The company members use this time to point out the similarities between what the students are learning and how everyday movements such as jumping, walking, and sports maneuvers are often used as the basis for dance.

Elisa Monte Dance Company, Choreography Workshop Day 2

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