Baltimore Consort

Baltimore Consort
Baltimore ConsortFounded in 1980 to perform the instrumental music of Shakespeare’s time, the Baltimore Consort has explored early English, Scottish, and French popular music, focusing on the relationship between folk and art song and dance. Their interest in early music of English/Scottish heritage has also led them to delve into the rich trove of traditional music preserved in North America. Recordings on the Dorian label have earned them recognition as Top Classical-Crossover Artist of the Year (Billboard), as well as rave reviews elsewhere. Besides touring in the U.S. and abroad, they often perform on such syndicated radio broadcasts as St. Paul Sunday, Performance Today, Harmonia and the CBC’s OnStage. They have also enjoyed many teaching residencies at K-12 schools, as well as at the Madison Early Music Festival and other university engagements.

J’ai vû le Loup performed by The Baltimore Consort

MINDY ROSENFELD, flutes, fifes, recorder, crumhorn
LARRY LIPKIS, viol, recorder, crumhorn, gemshorn
MARK CUDEC, cittern, viol, recorder, crumhorn, guitars
MARY ANNE BALLARD, viols, rebec
JOSE LEMOS, countertenor

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Baltimore Consort Baltimore Consort Baltimore Consort
Baltimore Consort
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