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Noël Nouvelet!

Old Carols and Dance Tunes from the British Isles, France, Germany and Spain

On the cold ground John Playford, The Dancing Master 1665
Fesans raijouissance
(=Now, brothers lift your voices)
traditional Besançon noël 17th c.
Uns kommt ein Schiff gefahren Daniel Sudermann, Etliche hohe geistliche Gesänge c.1626
Tomorrow shall be my dancing day Wm. Sandys, Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern 1833
Branle l’officiel (= Ding Dong Merrily on High) Thoinet Arbeau, Orchésographie 1589
Sweet was the song the Virgin sung Anon. English 16th c.
The Fairy Round (lute solo) Antony Holborne d.1602
Upon my lap my sovereign sits (to the tune of Sellenger’s Round) text, Richard Rowlands c. 1565-1630
The ladyes delight and Jumpe at my cozen Anon. Paris Virginal MS c.1630
In dulci iubilo Liederbuch of Anna of Cologne 16th c.
In dir ist freude Johannes Lindemann…Zwantzig Weyhenachten Gesenglein … 1598
Tempus adest floridum (=Good King Wenceslas) Piae Cantiones, Finland 1582
Dadme albricias hijos d’Eva Villancicos de diversos autores, Venice 1556
Señores, el qu’es nascido Villancicos de diversos autores, Venice 1556
Ríu, ríu chíu Villancicos de diversos autores, Venice 1556
One yeir begins (=Lady Lothian’s Lilt) Andro Melville’s commonplace book 1621 – 1640
Drive the cold winter away Starter, Friesche Lusthof 1621 & Playford, English Dancing Master
All you that are good fellows Good and True, Fresh and New, Christmas Carols, London, 1642
Another Carol for Christmas Day,
to the tune of All you that love Good Fellows
The old year now away is fled Good and True, Fresh and New, Christmas Carols
A Carol for New Year’s Day, to the tune of Green Sleeves
Masters in this hall (=La matelotte) Feuillet, Recueil de Contradances 1706
A wassail, a wassail throughout all this town! traditional, Gower, Wales 1940’s
Il est né, le divin Enfant! traditional French noel
Quelle est cette odeur agréable traditional French noel
Noël nouvelet! traditional French noel


Mary Anne Ballard — viols, rebec
Mark Cudek — cittern, viol
Larry Lipkis — viol, recorder, gemshorn, crumhorn
Ronn McFarlane — lutes , bandora
Mindy Rosenfeld – wooden flutes and fifes, crumhorn
Danielle Svonavec – soprano
José Lemos – countertenor

Members of The Baltimore Consort Perform Scotch Cap

MINDY ROSENFELD, flutes, fifes, recorder, crumhorn
LARRY LIPKIS, viol, recorder, crumhorn, gemshorn
MARK CUDEC, cittern, viol, recorder, crumhorn, guitars
MARY ANNE BALLARD, viols, rebec
JOSE LEMOS, countertenor

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