Chris Brubeck, Bass Trombone

Chris Brubeck
Chris Brubeck, Trombone COMPOSER

“In just a few years he’s created a repertoire that could be the true crossover material: work that demonstrates a keen knowledge of and talent for jazz, popular and classical idioms.” — J. Medrek, Symphony Magazine

Chris Brubeck first distinguished himself as a jazz musician performing and recording with his father, the legendary Dave Brubeck. Chris plays bass, trombone, piano, guitar and sings, and in the past few decades has earned international acclaim as composer, performer and leader of his own groups. On stage, Chris’ irrepressible enthusiasm is matched by his fluid command of jazz, blues, folk, funk, pop and classical musical styles. As an award-winning composer, he is clearly tuned into the pulse of contemporary music.

Now, in the 21st century, Chris’ natural talents have positioned him to assume a prominent role in the genre-bending renaissance of modern classical music. Noted Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart says, “without putting too much of an onus on Chris Brubeck, we’re always looking for the new Gershwins who can take the sounds in American popular musical culture and integrate them into the context of the orchestra, much the way Gershwin and Bernstein did.”

Chris Brubeck and The Brubeck Brothers Quartet Performing “In Your Own Sweet Way”

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Chris Brubeck, Bass Trombone Chris Brubeck, Trombone Chris Brubeck, Bass Trombone
Chris Brubeck Chris Brubeck, Trombone
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