Ultramax Project

Ultramax Project
UltraMax Project 1The ULTRAMAX project with Max Zorin is a dynamic collaboration between underground dance music wizard UltraMax, Pennsylvania Centre Orchestra conductor and founder maestro Doug Meyer and violin virtuoso Max Zorin created to bring classical music to the next generation. By combining scores of classics with added original music, creative electronic instrumentation and captivating visuals UltraMax project is designed to revolutionize the way classics are performed and presented in the 21st century. It is perfect for Pops orchestras and Pops Concerts or special events and Festivals. With two different programs the band is promising to attract younger audiences to classical music performances by delivering quality entertainment mixed in with subtle educational experience.

TechnoClassica program is a collaboration with a larger orchestra performing alongside with the principle musicians from the UltraMax project, while the Symphony in Trance show is a dance-oriented event intended for smaller venues and colleges.

In our shows we employ lighting effects, live background video mixing by Veronica Winters and custom-made electric instruments that respond visually with light to the music played by the musician. We can deploy lasers and hazers if the venue permits the use of such equipment. We currently offer two programs.

A TechnoClassica program is with a larger (chamber, Pops or symphonic) orchestra performing alongside with the principle musicians from UltraMax Project. It is a seat back and relax event ideally suited for inviting younger audiences for classical music performances. Because TechnoClassica is enjoyable to both younger and older patrons it could be an event to which traditionally older core audience of a symphony can bring their children and grandchildren.

UltraMax Project Performs TechnoClassica 2.0 Trance Macabre – Camille Saint-Saëns (Danse Macabre)

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