Ed McDade

Ed McDade
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Ed McDade, Singer-Songwriter Ed McDade Ed McDade, Singer-Songwriter
Ed McDade, Singer-Songwriter
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Ed McDade, Singer-SongwriterCelebrate American Song… Americans have always found a way to lift their spirits, to speak their minds, to weather the storm, to do what needs to be done and to change what needs to be changed. In this unique concert Ed McDade reflects that spirit and celebrates the music that represents the voice of the people. The program covers a wide breadth of American music. It gives hopeful voice to the early songs of Stephen Foster, “Oh Susanna.” It travels the deep hollows of Appalachia with authentic renditions of “Shady Grove” and “Darlin’ Corey.” It jumps to the joyous ragtime of Gary Davis, “She’s Funny That Way” and honors the struggles of “John Henry” and the working man’s tale of “16 Tons.” It revels in 1930’s (depression) with pop songs like, “Sunny side of the Street,” and grooves to the lush and dreamy, “Summertime” of George Gershwin.The show features some pre-recorded tracks mixed with live performance(“Lady be Good & Somebody Loves Me”) plus slide show /video  presentations set to the music of “Living in the Promise Land & America the Beautiful” And what better way to end the program than to sing along to some great old American songs like “Irene Goodnight” and “This Land Is Your Land”!

Singin’ on the Rails
Boomers, Gandy Dancers, Steel Drivers, Greaseballs, Hogheads, Section Bosses and Road Masters come alive in the songs and stories of the resolute men who built, inhabited, maintained and ran the railroads during the “Age of Steam.” Ed McDade  sings and plays guitar, banjo, harmonica and rhythm instruments. He breathes life into the old songs and tall tales of the Irish immigrants and African American work gangs whose hard labor, ingenuity and bravery made the railroads possible. This presentation will be part talk, part drama/comedy but mostly musical performance. The program includes songs like Pat Works on the Erie, Wreck of Old 97, Cannonball Blues, John Henry, Railroad Bill and stories like Casey Jones, Finnigan to Flannigan and O’Callahan’s Solution.

Ed also offers programs for kids. Visit him at www.soundclick.com/edmcdadekids/.