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When Chris Brubeck, Peter Madcat Ruth and Joel Brown perform together, it’s always an event to remember! This dynamic ensemble programs everything from jazz, to folk, to blues and classics. Whether performing with orchestras, or captivating students at universities across the United States, no concert ends without high praise and a standing ovation.

At the recent Monterey Jazz Festival, Chris Brubeck, Joe Brown and Peter “Madcat” Ruth came together as Triple Play, a wonderfully eclectic and entertaining group. Whether it was blues, “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out, “a swinging instrumental or “Polly Tonality” (which was naturally in two keys at once), the music was consistently colorful and fun.

Is Triple Play jazz, country blues, folk music or early r&b? Yes to all of the above…I thoroughly enjoyed it!
—Scott Yanow, jazz journalist