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Review Excerpts
“A polished, elegantly turned performance…lively, communicative readings..the performance was a scintillating one.”
—New York Times

“The group demonstrated the sort of rapport that characterizes the very best chamber playing.
—Philadelphia Inquirer

“Sensitive collaborations with a sophisticated and cosmopolitan air.”
—Washington Post

“The Borealis Wind Quintet’s intonation was beyond reproach, as was, their phrasing. Each player is a virtuoso in his or her own right. This superb and skillful playing has continued to make them one of the most accessible chamber groups in the country.”
—San Luis Obispo (CA) Times

“The music-making was spiffy and intelligent, of the sort that renews faith in this often maligned medium.”
—St. Louis Post Dispatch

“With an imaginative and skillfully presented program, the Borealis Wind Quintet demonstrated convincingly that chamber music can be not only interesting and beautiful, but much fun.”
—Chronicle, Muskegon, MI

“The season began with a cheery concert by the Borealis Wind Quintet…the performance was fabulous.”
—Schenectady (NY) Gazette

“The Borealis Quintet is first rate; the players not only know how to blow into their instruments, they know how to get music out of them…the whole recording is the stuff dreams are made of.
—Musical Heritage Review

“For maximum color and variety, the wind section is where it’s at, and the Borealis Wind Quintet provided it in abundance…These five very talented people presented their program with a great deal of humor and verve.
—Falls City (NE) Journal